The Mueller Foundation, in its implementation of the home sales aspect of the Mueller Affordable Homes Program, is pleased to announce a new component to the program that provides an opportunity for a second generation of qualified buyers to purchase a re-sale home currently in the Affordable Homes Program as administered by PeopleTrust.

An affordable re-sale home is one that was initially purchased by a qualified homebuyer under the program where the homebuyer desires to resale the home and the Mueller Foundation elects to purchase the home and re-sell it to another qualified homebuyer in order to keep that home in the Affordable Homes Program. These re-sale homes may occur in any affordable product type previously sold through the program such as a Yard Houses, Row Houses, Garden Houses or Mueller Houses.

Re-sale affordable homes may become available from time to time subject to sales activity and the Mueller Foundation’s participation. These affordable re-sale opportunities will be available to individuals or families who meet the Eligibility Guidelines and have incomes up to 120% of Austin’s Median Family Income (MFI). The re-sale income range may be slightly higher than the current new home purchase guidelines of 80% MFI or below. Re-sale affordable homes present an added dimension to the successful Mueller Affordable Homes Program.

While not all affordable re-sales will be offered by the Mueller Foundation, we wish to keep those interested informed of these limited opportunities as they arise. We have created a special email contact for people who would like to receive updates on the Mueller Affordable Homes Program and notifications on future re-sale homes. To be added to this update list, please email with your name and contact information and you will receive a reply with current inventory.