Green Building Program

The Green Building Program incorporates national LEED standards. As a result, Mueller’s designs are resource-efficient, use non-toxic and recyclable regional materials and help maintain and improve air and water quality. The program is designed to promote better health, greater comfort and lower utility bills.

Community design

Mueller’s Land Plan

Mueller is leading the way as a model for sustainable community design.Home designs are resource efficient, use non-toxic and recyclable materials, and help maintain and improve air and water quality. The community’s extensive green-spaces and utility systems also go a long way to keep Mueller clean, green and sustainable. Here are a few of the forward-thinking features we’ve incorporated into Mueller’s land plan:

  • Mueller’s green and sustainable efforts are equivalent to planting 337,500 trees or 17,000 acres of forest in Austin parks; removing 29.5 million vehicle miles or 2,500 automobiles from Austin’s roadways; and providing electricity for 2,000 average Austin residences per year.


  • Residents and businesses alike are adding solar power technologies. The Mueller Megawatt Project (a resident-driven initiative) and the Pecan Street Project (a consortium of Austin Energy, UT Austin and a number of environmental groups) have led to more than 275 residential rooftop solar panels to date that have the capacity to generate 1.51 MW of energy, believed to be the highest concentration in the U.S.
  • Austin Energy has built a groundbreaking on-site power plant that provides substantial environmental benefits. The mixed-use community plan gives Mueller residents a lifestyle full of choices that don’t involve getting in their cars. Recreation, transit, shopping, entertainment, employment—it’s all right here at Mueller.


  • Mueller is a transit-oriented development that has been designed for future rail service. In the meantime, several bus lines serve Mueller. Mueller was also one of the first neighborhoods in Austin to include Cycle Tracks, a dedicated and curb-protecting bike lane.

Sustainability Highlights

Thousand Trees Planted

Acres Preserved for Parks and Open Space

LEED Certified Buildings

Green Building

Case Studies

The project should serve to reinforce Austin’s role in an increasingly global marketplace and create a wide range of employment opportunities for a diversity of the community’s citizens.

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Dell Children’s Medical Center

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